June 13, 2024
Agriculture & Farming

Protective method of planting

Plants are fond of light and air:

Plants need sunlight and fresh air to be able to grow and bloom optimally. Hence a light situation is ideal and helps ensure the continuous development of the plants and flowers.

Photosynthesis is, of course, the process on which all life on earth depends. Energy from the sun is converted into chemical energy. The energy is stored in the form of sugars like glucose and fructose.

Plants need space:

An adequate space between your plants will reduce competition for light, will conserve water, and will provide more soil nutrition to each plant.

Having cold feet is not pleasant:

Most plants suffer if the soil is cold and soaked with water, their roots simply drown. That is why it is important always to ensure proper drainage and to avoid over-watering.

Check pots, containers to make sure that all draining holes are big enough to allow excess water do drain away easily.

Plants like a good planting media:

We always recommend a good, rich potting compost. Before planting the soil can be mixed with fertilizer. The quantity required depends on the plant. Follow the instructions on the package as regards dosage.  It is not a good idea to plant in very acid soil, nor in pure chalk/alkali. 

Apply water:

Some flowers want lots of water, others don’t, so the trick is to find a balance, especially when more sorts of plants are planted in the same container. As a rule, more plants are damaged by too much water than by too little. Don’t water till the soil starts to look lighter or clearly feels dry.

Flowers and other plants need fertilizing:

A regular and appropriate addition of nutrients prevents deficiency and secures a continuous growth with lots of new shoots, buds, and flowers. It is recommended always to mix the planting soil with a slow-release fertilizer before the planting, and to add a water-soluble fertilizer mixed in with the water.

About pests:

Proper watering and fertilizing, a good potting soil with room for the roots and a light, airy conditions is the best protection against pests and diseases. In addition, it is possible to fight pests by biological means by using their natural enemies without harming and polluting the environment.

Deadheading necessary

An old and very important piece of advice is that spent flowers and yellow leaves must be removed, may be even several times a week. Like this fungal diseases and unnecessary seed set are prevented, and the plants become more vigorous and get light and air to grow and bloom.